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Conejo Valley Village

Where neighbors help neighbors stay Independent, Active and Connected


Member Benefits

Membership Benefits

Conejo Valley Village's purpose is to support its members with services which will facilitate living in one's own home, as well as opportunities to participate in social, cultural, educational and physical activities for a continued high quality of life.


Full members receive many household services (indoors and outdoors) as well as social activities and events with the membership dues. They may request services as needed which will be performed by members of the Village or by other volunteers, trained and vetted by the Village.

Services from Volunteers

Our services, provided by a network of experienced volunteers, include:


Our vetted drivers can take you to local events, shops and medical appointments, and take you home when you are ready to go. In some situations the driver can stay with you and help with your errand.

Household maintenance

Our volunteers can help with a great variety of tasks in and around your home, such as moving or assembling furniture, or minor repairs. For larger projects or recurring maintenance, we can help you find a dependable, vetted professional.

Assistance with electronics

If that new cell phone or television remote controller has you baffled, we can help set it up and teach you to use features that are important to you.

Friendly visits and calls

Our volunteers can drop by for a brief chat or check in with a call to see how your day is going.

Shopping Assistance

We can transport you to and from the supermarket and help you with your cart while you focus on your list.

Pet services

We can transport you and your pet to and from the veterinarian or help you find a reputable dog walker or kennel.

Running errands:

If you need an item or two from the store or need someone to pick up a prescription from the pharmacy, we can often help.

Reading out loud

If you are sight-impaired, our volunteers can come to your home to read important correspondence and other materials out loud.

Gardening and yard work

If you need non-routine help pulling weeds or planting seeds, we can provide up to two hours of assistance. For routine lawn and yard care or larger scale projects, such as pruning trees, we can help you find a reputable contractor.

Please note that our service offerings are based upon the availability of our volunteers.

Social Activities and Educational Programs

In addition to individual services the Conejo Valley Village offers a variety of social and educational programs designed to help members get the most out of living in our community. These programs typically involve events tied to a specific date or period of time, and thus it is best to consult our calendar for details. Types of events include:

  • Group participation in theater performances or movie showings
  • Restaurant tours for lunch or dinner with friends
  • Excursions to museums, art galleries, zoos and other venues
  • Lecture series of topics of interest to members
  • Holiday events
  • Expert advice and workshops to help navigate the transitions of aging
  • Engaging programs and affinity groups: book and movie groups, meditation and yoga groups, walking and hiking groups , bridge and mahjong groups and lessons to improve your skills
  • Potluck dinners at members' houses which provide opportunities to get to know other CVV members. 

Some of these events may be offered in conjunction with our community partners.



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