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Volunteer Hours Spreadsheets

These spreadsheets simplify the reporting of volunteer hours. When you enter the date, hours, and description the spreadsheet will calculate and show the total hours. There are three rows at the top to enter your name, the month for which you are reporting hours, and the date you are submitting the form. Be sure to start with the first row for hours and do not skip a row. The spreadsheet will not be happy if you skip a row. If you need even more rows be sure to copy the last row and paste it into the added empty row(s).

For Macintosh computers download this spreadsheet in Numbers for the Mac.

For Windows computers download this spreadsheet in Excel for Windows

For a Google Docs template (it should make a fresh spreadsheet just for you) open this link,
This is experimental. Once you fill in your hours, within the spreadsheet window there is a File menu; under there is an entry that lets you email your spreadsheet to

CVV requests that your total hours sent to by the 25th of the month. You do not need to send the spreadsheets with all the details -- just the total number of hours.

Thanks for your support!